2. On Alexander’s terms

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Gaugamela, Persia 331 B.C – 45 years earlier

PTOLEMY (v.o):
It was mad. Forty thousand of us against hundreds of thousands of barbarian races unknown to us gathered under Darius himself.
East and west had now come together to decide the fate of the known world.
It was the day Alexander had waited for all his life.
Son of a god. It was a myth, of course. At least it was started as a myth.
I know, I was there.

In the crack of the Persian line, we’ll go for the head.

Kill Darius?

The gods had brought him to us, at last.
If I die, it’s one Macedonian. But the Persians, they cannot move without Darius’ command.
Here, right here, we cut the throat of the Persian army.

This is madness. You’ll never get within 100 paces of him. Have you seen the sheer size of his force, Alexander?

Not if you hold them on the left, my brave Parmenion. With your son, Philotas, for just one, two hours tomorrow. And you, unbreakable Antigonus, the center Phalanx. Perdicass, Leonnatus, Nearchus, Polyperchon. If you pin them on the walls of your sarissas, here in the center, their calvary will follow me out to the right.
And when bold Cassander breaks, stretching their left, a hole will open. Then I and my cavalry –our revered Cleitus, Ptolemy, and Hephaistion will strike through the gap and deal a deathblow to Darius’ head.

Since when, by the light of Apollo, has cavalry been used to break infantry line?

What wasit we did in Chaeronea, Parmenion?

Alexander, even with luck, timing, the gods, there’re at least five to our one; which means in truth we must rout the tomorrow, destroy their army completely.
Or we’ll be picked apart by bandit tribes on the long journey home.


You speak of home and retreat, but do you understand, Parmenion? Babylon is my new home.

Alexander, if we must fight, do so with stealth. Use your numbers well. We should attack tonight when they least expect us.

I didn’t cross Asia to steal this victory, Cassander.

No, you are too honourable for that. No doubt influenced from sleeping with Tales of Troy under your pillow. But your father was no lover of Homer’s.

The lands west of the Euphrates, Alexander, the hand of his daughter in marriage. Since when has a Greek been given such honors?

These are not honors, Parmenion, they’re bribes which the Greeks have accepted too long.
Do you forget that the man who murdered my father lies across the valley floor?

Come, Alexander, we’re still not sure if it was Persian gold behind the assassination. But that is no matter!  Your father taught you never to surrender your reason to your passion.
Now I urge you, with all my experience, regroup. Fall back to the coast, raise a larger force.

I would, if I were Parmenion. But I am Alexander.
And no more than Earth has two suns will Asia bears two kings. These are my terms.
And if Darius isn’t a coward who hides behind his men, then he’ll come to me tomorrow. And when he bows down to Greece, Alexander will be merciful.

Black Cleitus:
By Ares’ chains, he has got balls, men. I mean, give the man his due, Parmenion.
And, lads, feast tonight, for tomorrow we will dine in Hades.

On Alexander's term


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