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Also known as:
Alexandros III Philippou Makedonon
Greek: Megas Alexandros
Persian: Eskandar-e Maqduni (means Alexander of Macedonia)
Hebrew: Alexander Mokdon
Aramaic: Tre-Qarnayia (means the Two-Horned One)
Arabic: al-Iskandar al-Akbar (means Alexander the Great)
Urdu (Hindi): Sikandar-e-azam (means 'expert' or 'extremely skilled'),
Pashto - Pakistan and Afghanistan language: Skandar

July 20, 356 BC. Pella, Macedon.

Around June 10, 323 BC. Babylon.

Phillip II of Macedon. But according to the legend, Alexander was the son of Zeus.
Philip played by Val Kilmer

Olympias, princess of Epirus/Epirote. Her true name was Myrtale.
Olympias played by Angelina Jolie

Closest people:
Hephaestion, Alexander life-long friend who grew up with him and fought alongside him in many wars for almost 11 years.
Bucephalus, Alexander's loyal horse which accompanied Alexander for almost 20 years.
Roxanne, a Bactrian noble Alexander married when he was 30 years old. Rumour has it that Alexander was truly in love with her.
Ptolemy, rumoured to be Alexander's half-brother, he always gave Alexander wise counsels.
Hephaistion played by Jared Leto
Roxanne played by Rosario Dawson

Common misconceptions about Alexander:
-Alexander was not gay, he was bi-sexual^. And it was a common thing during the era of ancient Greece^.
-Alexander was a Macedonian, but Macedonians by race were Greek. So, Alexander was both Macedonian and Greek^.
-Alexander's last resting place is not Egypt. It is true that the last recorded tomb of Alexander was in Alexandria, but with many riots and unrest in Egypt, the tomb was destroyed, and the body has vanished from history^.

Alexander's lifetime:
356 B.C. - The birth of Alexander the Great
343 B.C.- Aristotle becomes Alexander's tutor
340 B.C.- Alexander becomes regent
344 B.C.- Alexander meeting with the beautiful and spirited Bucephalus.
339 B.C.- Alexander joins Philip on campaign
338 B.C.- Battle of Chaeronea
338/337 B.C.- Philip marries Cleopatra Eurydice (Phillip's fourth and last wife)
336 B.C.- Darius becomes King of Persia; Philip murdered in Cleopatra's (Alexander's sister) wedding; Alexander becomes King of Macedonia
335 B.C.- Cleopatra Eurydice commit suicide due to murder of her son (Caranus/Keranos) and her daughter (Europa); Alexander Greek campaign.
334 B.C.- Battle of Granicus
333 B.C.- Battle of Issus; the Gordian Knot event.
332 B.C.- Siege of Tyre; Alexander crowned Pharaoh of Egypt
331 B.C.- Alexander visits Oracle at Siwah; Battle of Gaugamela
330 B.C.- Burning of Persepolis; Darius murdered; Parmenio murdered
329 B.C.- Crossing Hindu Kush
328 B.C.- Alexander murders Cleitus
327 B.C.- Alexander marries Roxanne of Sogdiana; Pages conspiracy; Callisthenes killed
326 B.C.- Battle of Jhelum; Alexander's army mutinies
325 B.C.- Alexander wounded by the Malli; Makran Desert journey; Death of Bucephalus
324 B.C.- Hephaestion's death; Mass marriages in Susa
323 B.C.- Alexander the Great's death; Birth of Alexander the Great's son: Alexander Aegus or Alexander IV.

The lands Alexander conquered during his expedition.


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