17. Fate of Darius

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Northeastern Persia, 329 – 327 B.C.

PTOLEMY (v.o):
The campaign in the northeast of Persia, turned into a hard guerrilla war of almost three years. We chased Darius towards Bactria, but missed taking him by hours.

He was dying when we found him, sire. He asked for water. He drank and died.

PTOLEMY (v.o):
The Great King Darius had been betrayed by his own commanders. Fully honoring his corpse, Alexander hunted down these commanders into unknown lands, crossing even beyond the River Oxus into Sogdia. We fought them as far as the unknown steppes of Scythia, where only legendary heroes had once trod. The surveyors told us we were now on the borders of where Europe and Asia meet. In fact, we were totally lost. Here, Alexander founded his 10th Alexandria and settled it with veterans, their women and any who would dare the frontier life. Unable to accept defeat in any form, Alexander persisted in breaking every tribe that resisted. Until the day he received the head of his last enemy who’d surrender.


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