21. Pale relfection

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The myth becomes real.

Great man, Sikander. You I kill now.

Do it. End it. I would do the-- I would do the same. I’ll die a fool for this love.

Who is this woman you call your queen, Alexander? A hill girl? You with your breeding. Already she makes enemies with her strong, clumsy nature. Do not confuse us. I was never a barbarian as Philip said. We are of Achilles’ royal blood. Zeus is your father. Oh, I understand, she brings you some happiness, but how can she help you? You must know that she does not speak in your name, which is yours and yours alone. Preserve it, secret it and hear me when I tell you, act. And act soon. After seven years, people wonder: Who is this King Alexander? I have given you ample proof. Antipater daily undermines your authority. Return to Babylon and strengthen your center. Or come home to Macedonia and reorganize. But do not chase your dream further east. Your life and mine depend on it. Remember, my only thoughts are of you. As you, too, must face your glorious destiny. Think kindly of your mother. Provide for me. Protect me from your enemies when you are gone. And remember always, it is I who love you more than any.

If only you were not a pale reflection of my mother’s heart.


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