33. Prove me a dreamer

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PTOLEMY (v.o):
In smashing the mutiny and executing the ringleaders...he did nothing, to my mind, that any
general in wartime would not have done.
But clearly, the army was divided. And Alexander was no longer loved by all. He drove on, south to the outer ocean.

I confess a disappointment. Especially on these reports of your taking on Eastern ways. Beware how these manners inflame the senses with pride.
However, I have lived long enough now...to question...when so many others invest such emotion in their disrespect for you.
I can only hope that you continue what you began as the boy I knew at 12. Be that man always, Alexander, and you will not slip. And perhaps you will prove this old materialist...as you always thought me: A dreamer after all. Aristotle.


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